About Us

Family Owned & Operated
General Linen & Uniform Service is one of the largest, privately owned linen and uniform rental and hotel service companies in our region. We provide FIVE STAR SERVICE with great attention to detail and 24/7 immediate response for our customers. Our processing facility offers state of the art washing and finishing technology while delivering five star quality products to many renowned businesses in the community. General Linen & Uniform Service rents, launders and sells a wide variety of linens and uniforms to an extensive array of businesses that includes the hospitality, hotel, food service, restaurant, casinos, medical, service and manufacturing industries.

Route Representatives
General Linen & Uniform Services has a dozen professional route service representatives serving southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio. We provide customers with the right products, the right quality, delivered on time at a fair price. No one in the industry matches General Linen & Uniform Service for quality and service.

Image Apparel
Our hospitality and Direct Sale Catalog Division excels in creating designs as a result of your ideas and image. Our organizational infrastructure encourages leveraging ideas and concepts that help to better serve our customers. We can take your order from stock to stunning, by modifying a catalog style or custom design. Customized embroidery, screen-printing, custom logo mats and special design, are also included in this area of expertise.

The Essence of Independence
Customer service that is truly genuine is increasingly rare in a world of pervasive corporate consolidation. General Linen & Uniform Service has the independent status to eliminate the potential for conflicts of interest. Family owned for 96 years, WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO ONE INTEREST – OUR CUSTOMERS.

Our Company Mission Statement
Committed to excellence with a “can do" spirit for our customers and employees while contributing to our community.